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Please take a moment to read this and help me.

Okay, is hard for to imagine that I can be in this situation, it’s the kind of things that happens to you and your brain have a delay of days in order to understand that is really happening to you.

First of all I want to say this is not Hoax, no fake, is totally real; neither is a submission of someone, it’s me: Byron the guy behind Betype.co.


A few days ago my mom got the last results of a series of exams (biopsy), and she got the new: she has uterine cancer. The results says that the cancer is in the stage 3 (very advanced state) with high probabilities of being a invasive cancer that had invaded other organs. It’s a shock for us since she looks very healthy and young, but as some of you know the cancer is a silence disease until you’re about to die.

I’m very positive and I try to appear strong in front of her because she is so depressed right now, she cries everyday since she got the results. For me is so hard to see her in that situation because I am her only child (I live with her and my grandparents), she raised as a single mother, she assumed the role of a father, she always have had a strong character, very bold and extroverted, and because she is in that way she always have enemies or haters but I’ve seen very hard situations and I’ve never seen fear on the eyes of my mom, even with a gun in her head (you may know I live in El Salvador a very violent country) she always look with the chin up and very courageous and defiant. Is a role for me, is the strongest human being that I know, but… now.. she is so down, so blue, so depressed because this results, is the first time that I see her in this mood. A couple of days she hugged me and ask for my forgiveness because she put me in this situation of having a mom with cancer, that is the hardest thing that I’ve ever hear, of course I don’t have to forgive her, she isn’t doing anything wrong, and I’m very grown up and is time to give her back a little bit of all the things that she did for me.

You know El Salvador is a poor and violent country, the first problem here is the economy, and as an average salvadoran family, me and my mom have the same situation, we buy food, pay rent and that daily normal stuff based on debt. She is employed but her earnings aren’t enough to pay her treatments. I’m unemployed, I began to monetize Betype a couple of days ago with advertising; also every now and then I’m freelance designer but that earnings aren’t enough. I’m willing to do everything that I can just for save her life and kicks cancer’s ass; in this situation I don’t care if I lost all my followers because this post isn’t related to typography or is unprofessional to ask for your help here.

I’ve created a Indiegogo campaign and that’s where you can help me:

Click here:

Please donate whatever you can even one dollar have huge value, if all the Betype’s followers would donate at least $0.10 I would reach my goal, but of course not everyone can or want donate, when you aren’t in a hard situation you just see the word Cancer as simple advertising campaign and you decide to ignore it, you don’t have awareness of the danger and painful of the situation until it happens to you.

This is an estimated amount, it will help a lot to have $5,000 but as you know the billing for cancer is higher than this.

If you can’t donate you can share this post, and that’s a HUGE help.

I will keep links, banners and post in the blog until I can achieve that amount as I say above when the life of person you love is in danger, it doesn’t matter to lose money, followers or anything just for save her life and give her a good moment.

If you want any detail or document in order to donate or to proof this is real you are free to contact me at:


Please help donating and sharing, I don’t lose anything trying this, I’ll work in other projects alongside this campaign, we are an amazing community is incredible the things that you can build in this platform, I know with a tiny portion of this 62,000 Followers, we can do amazing things.


Some people are asking me my direct paypal account so I have it with this old email:


Until now I realize that paypal is charging every donation with a little extra fee because I’m out of United State. If you can donate via debit or credit card generate less fee. If not, is ok. As I say if you can’t donate is ok, sharing theIndigogo campaing through tumblr, facebook or twitter or any other way is a Huge help!